Monday, June 30, 2008


We were about an hour out of Omaha when we saw a huge cloud formation. As we drove further into it, the color of the sky turned a weird green color. We arrived in Omaha just in time to hear the air raid sirens go off. We were getting reports on the emergency radio of the boyscout camp getting hit by a tornado. The whole situation was a bit surreal, but I had never experienced anything like that before, so I was intrigued.

Then the shit hit the fan. The alarms in the hotel started going off, and we had to go file into the downstairs hallway with the other guests. Each of the circles on the Doppler indicate a tornado. Keep in mind that there should still be some daylight. We were watching people do live outdoor broadcasts where it was still sunny.

Dust Storm

It's as if Nevada was saying "Don't Leave!".
Or maybe the desert just farted.

I've had better ideas

This is our trip out to the dried(almost) lake-beds outside of Fernley, NV. It was my bright idea that we should go driving out there a week after a storm. I was not picking up on all of the telltale signs of mud, even when we stopped by a small body of water where I stood in it. In one of the pictures, I think that Renee is pointing to that moment in the future when she gets to tell me "I told you so, dummy."

You ever seen Groomer Has It?

Well, don't bother, because it sucks. But look no further if you want to see some mad grooming skills. Chloe was in need of a summer hair-cut, and my dad suggested that I give her a buzz. I drew inspiration from hyenas and UFC fighter Chuck Lidell(sorry Chuck, please don't kick my ass).

If you have a furry animal, and you want it less furry, give me a call.

P.S. Have beer on hand.

I'm a friggin' optometrist!

I made some spectacles for my nephew Aiden. He looked like quite the brain in his new glasses. I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants. Who says you can't have fun with pipe-cleaners? Maybe, one day he'll be a doctor like his unka Evan.


Has this ever happened to you? We were going into JJ's Pie Company (great pizza) to have a bite to eat, and Renee closed her door a little too fast.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nevada Ruins

On our drive from Las Vegas up to Reno, Renee and I came across some old buildings. I can't really guess what the structures were used for, as there is hardly anything left of them. Lots of cool stuff to look at though.

Leaving Las Vegas

I know that Renee and I technically left Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to post a few pictures that we snapped on our trip. Las Vegas was very good to me and I have met many great people that I consider dear friends. I am currently living in the Mid-Coast area of Maine, which is a helluva lot more green than the balmy deserts of home. Stay tuned for updates on my work, and other things that pop up along the way.