Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Evan and Renee go to White Castle.

Have you ever imagined something that was so enticing that you built up a jonze for it even though you had not even tried it yet? That was my experience with White Castle sliders. After watching the Academy Award winning documentary Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, I was led to believe that their sliders would dance across my tongue and make love to my taste buds. What I encountered was something completely to the contrary. Although the size of the burger was conveniently small enough to eat with one bite(see picture), I can't say that they lived up to my lofty expectations.

For all of the children:

Don't dream. Don't you dare, because if you do, you will end up driving down the freeway with your mouth stuffed full of small discs of boiled meat and onions(which look like baby tape worms) encased in soggy bleached white-bread buns. As you drive, you try and choke back the tears, but you realize that there are none coming because your internal organs are all starting to shut down.

I ordered 10 sliders and I finished 10 sliders. I imagine, even as I write this, that I will be darkening the doorstep of White Castle in the distant future.

You may scoff, but before you do, let me point this out. I know that you've eaten at a chinese buffet. And every time that you leave, you tell yourself that it will never happen again. I know that given the right circumstances, such as on the days of heavy drinking, the China Buffet is a glowing beacon of satisfaction for your battered stomach. You'll cave... and when you do, think of me.

See you at White Castle

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