Saturday, September 27, 2008

What To Do With Your Stinky Old Sneakers

I really enjoy driving around Nevada because I constantly come across things that interest me. The Shoe Tree outside of Middlegate Junction is one of those things. On a Trip from Reno to Las Vegas, my bff Chris "Dr. Chim Richelds" Bauder and I decided to stop and lob a pair of his old sneakers up into the mighty Shoe Tree.
Notice the hoof.
Chris Bauder. Confident. Every muscle quivering in anticipation.Calculating arc, speed, and wind resisitance.
This is the only action shot that I have. Unfortunately it was pitch black, so I wasn't able to see where to point the camera.
Chris' shoe is somewhere on the left side.


M said...

For real? I'd seen shoes hanging from electric wires, but from a tree... Very interesting indeed! Congrats on your blog!

passecliche said...

there's a good one in Minneapolis too.